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Fence Care 101- 7 Re-Staining Tricks Used By The Pros!

There’s no getting around it- fences need maintenance. But, with a little bit of know-how, you can keep your fence looking great for years to come! This blog post will share seven tricks professional fence staining companies use to simplify the process. Keep reading below to learn more!

1) Re-stain to Highlight the Wood Grain

Re-staining ensures that the wood does not lose its initial shine and looks fantastic. The idea is to make the wood grain prominent and let the wood show through the stain. This can be done in two ways, depending on how light or dark you want the outcome to be. If you want a lighter look, use a transparent or semi-transparent stain. For a darker appearance, go with a solid color stain.

2) Remove All the Old Stain First

This one is critical! If you don’t remove all of the old stains before applying the new stain, it’s not going to adhere correctly, and you’ll end up with an uneven finish. Use a paint stripper or sander to remove all the old stains before moving on to the next step.

A semi-transparent stain is excellent if you’re looking for something that will give your fence some color without completely obscuring the wood grain.

3) Choose the Right Stain Color

When selecting a stain color, consider the overall look you’re trying to achieve. For example, choosing a darker stain color would be good if you want your fence to stand out against your landscaping.

4) Sand the Wood before Re-Staining

The key to a good-looking, long-lasting stain job is to ensure the wood is prepared correctly before applying any stain. This means sanding away any roughness or splinters that could ruin the final finish.

5) Use a Quality Stain Brush

A high-quality stain brush will help ensure an even finish and make the staining process easier. Be sure to choose a brush specifically designed for use with stains, as regular paint brushes won’t work nearly as well.

When applying the stain, use even strokes to avoid streaks or lines in the final finish.

6) Avoid Applying Excess Stain

If you apply too much stain, it will likely run or drip down the wood, which will create a very messy look. It’s best to brush on a light coat of stain and then go back over any areas that need more coverage.

7) Let the Stain Dry Completely

Allowing the stain to dry thoroughly is an essential step, as rushing things could potentially ruin your hard work. This usually takes several hours, but it may take longer depending on your product.

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