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Commercial Painting Gone Wrong – How To Avoid Bad Paint Jobs?

A fresh coat of paint can render new life to your commercial building. It can boost the place’s vibrancy, elevate the spirit of employees and make the area more attractive to your active and potential customers. However, a bad paint job on your commercial facility can have the opposite effect. It can turn the customers away and give your business a run-down look.

A few things can cause a commercial painting project to go wrong. AJ Painting Contractors Inc will discuss six of the most common mistakes made by painting contractors:

1. Lack of Regulatory Compliance

Painting is not just about aesthetics; it is also about safety. Various regulations must be adhered to in order to ensure the safety of the workers and the occupants of the commercial facility. In Thiensville, WI, your painting contractor will need a permit to do any exterior painting.

2. Trusting In Professionals Services

Amateur painters are not going to get the job done right. You need to hire a professional painting contractor with satisfactory experience and adequate know-how to perform the job correctly.

A business facility differs vastly from a residential one. Therefore, if your employees paint the office, they will not be able to provide the same level of quality as a professional.

3. Hiring The Wrong People

A mistake people mostly commit to is hiring the first contractor they come across without doing any research. This can result in a disaster as the painting job will not be up to the mark and can cause more damage. Also, be wary of those contractors who smell fishy and give you a quote that is too good to be true.

4. Forgetting To Prime And Prepare

You don’t just put the paint on the walls and expect it to look good. You must prime the surface, so the paint can stick adequately and look even. Doing so is essential as you can’t cut corners like a house paint job on your commercial property.

5. Trying To Cut Costs

Saving money and trying to cut cost is reasonable, but not when it comes to commercial painting. If you try to do it yourself or hire an inexperienced painting contractor just so you can save some money, it will show, and you will spend more in the long run to fix it.

6. Not Giving Attention to the Details

Smaller, seemingly insignificant aspects such as painting around fixtures or taking care of the edges hugely impact the overall look of your commercial property. Failing to address these details can make the paint job look sloppy and amateurish.


Painting your business premises is a significant investment, and it is crucial that you do it right the first time around. You can avoid a commercial painting gone wrong by looking for these six common mistakes.

If you need help with such a project, be sure to contact a professional painting contractor such as AJ Painting Contractors Inc, serving Thiensville, WI. We are pioneers in a range of commercial painting services. We can elevate the look of your facility quickly and affordably. 

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