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5 Ways To Correct A Botched Wood Deck Staining Job

If you’ve ever stained a wooden deck, you know that it’s not always an easy job. As the art of deck building is not an easy one, sometimes things can go wrong.

But don’t worry – you can usually fix things with little effort. Here are five ways to correct a botched wood deck staining job. If you are unsure which answer will work best for your situation, experiment until you find the perfect one!

How Mistakes Occur While Staining a Botched Wood Deck?

Short Prep:

Preparing the surface before you start will ensure that your stain job has an excellent finish. If you don’t sand your deck and remove all of the old stains, there’s a good chance that your new stain will not adhere properly and will start peeling and flaking soon after you apply it.

Insufficient Stain Application:

Another common mistake is not applying enough stain to the deck. That can leave bare spots and uneven coverage, leading to peeling and flaking.

Not Allowing the Deck to Dry:

Finally, people often mistake not letting the stain dry completely before walking on it or putting furniture back on the deck. That can cause footprints and other marks to be left in the stain, which will ruin the look of your deck.

Ways to Fix a Botched Wood Deck Staining Job:

No need to panic! There are always ways of fixing any mistakes you might have made regarding the design and construction of your deck. Here are four ways to correct a botched wood deck staining job:

1. Re-Stain the Deck:

If the stain is too light, you can try re-staining the deck. This time, be sure to use a heavier coat of stain and wait the full amount of time recommended by the manufacturer before wiping off the excess.

2. Sand the Deck Down:

You can try sanding the deck down if the stain is too dark. If you are starting, use coarser grits of sandpaper. Work your way up to finer ones as needed for a smoother finish! Be sure to vacuum up the debris afterward so it doesn’t end up in your stain.

3. Apply a Wood Deck Cleaner:

If the stain is uneven or there are streaks, you can try applying a wood deck cleaner. These cleaners are devised to remove stains and restore the natural color of the wood.

4. Change the Color of the Stain:

If you’re not satisfied with the color of the stain, you can always try changing it. You can buy a new can of stain or mix different colors to create your custom color.

5. Call in a Professional:

If you’ve tried all these things and your deck still looks botched, it might be time to call in a professional. They will have the experience and wisdom necessary to fix your deck and make it look great.

So, you stained your deck, and it’s not looking as great as you hoped. Maybe the color is too light or dark, or the finish is streaky or bubbly. Before planning your next DIY project, please look at our guide on fixing a botched wood deck staining job. We’ll show you how to make your deck look new again with just a few simple steps. You don’t have to do all the work yourself! AJ Painting Contractors Inc. is here for you. Reach us today to get an estimate and learn more about our deck staining services, serving Fox Point, WI. We offer professional results that will last for years with beautiful finishes!